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Over the past centuries we, as children of God, have endured many obstacles, tragedies, wars, depressions, and sufferings. Through all of these it was our FAITH that conquered our FEARS.

Presently, we are all dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) situation.

Again, we need to rely on our faith and hold our fears at bay to get through this difficult time. We need to make responsible decisions to prevent this pandemic from spreading. The best way we can do this, is to avoid gathering together in places of worship and other public areas.

Our Church Council has prayerfully decided to immediately suspend all activities within the confines of our church and church office (including Worship Services and Sunday School) until it is safe to gather together as a body of faith.

Until that time, the council asks each and every one of you set aside time each day to pray that a cure is found and for the safety of all those who are assisting in the fight to conquer this awful virus.

The Church Council will continue to monitor and reassess the situation to determine when we can come together in joyful worship.

Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Rick by phone (701) 389-0167 or Email with any concerns or needs that you might have.


Rev. Rick

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